Beyond simple SEO

 Beyond simple SEO

We deliberately called our company surplus +. Although SEO is at the heart of our business, it is only one of the elements that make up digital marketing. The "plus" of our name reflects our belief that an optimal presence on the Web depends on several other essential elements.


Those who are comfortable with technology, who understand the importance of optimizing every aspect of their online presence, and who usually get their hands dirty throughout the process.

Those who see their online presence as a necessary evil, whose gaze is lost when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC), and media marketing social (SMM), and who prefer to let us take care of all that. If so, don't worry, it's easier than it looks and won't hurt, I promise!

If you use Google, you already have the SEO basics

I'm willing to bet that you google searches several times a day. When was the last time you looked beyond the first few results? This is the common practice: 90% of users go no further than the first 10 results. It is therefore essential that your business appears in the first search results: the better you rank, the greater your chances of seeing customers find and purchase your products and services.

Digital Marketing in Five Easy Steps

One of the best ways to find customers is an effective and comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Its success depends on various elements that must be combined well. I want to stress that it is important to work together on the first four elements given their great interdependence.


  1. Website

Your website should be modern, accessible, and mobile-friendly. Last year, more than half of the world's website traffic came from cell phones. Ideally, your website would load in just two or three seconds. You can test it on PageSpeed   Insights. Focus on visual storytelling, with high-quality photos and videos that will make a strong impression.


2. Content (SEO)

Conciseness is the keystone of the digital edifice, our attention being constantly sought; therefore, be brief, but to the point. There should be no duplication between your home, products and services, and contact pages. Blog posts are an effective way to showcase your expertise not only on your site but also on social media. Plus, it's a cost-effective way to improve your ranking in search engine results. Use Google Analytics to find out how visitors interact with your site. If there is a place where visitors tend to leave the site, care should be taken to improve the experience there.


3. Referencing (SEO)

When developing your SEO strategy, remember that websites that link to other sites rank higher in search engine results. There is more than one way to improve your ranking in search results, for example: signing up for Help a Reporter Out and using SEMrush. Enlist the help of a digital marketing company if you are feeling overwhelmed, it will be a great investment.


4. Social media

Don't jump into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram at the same time. Instead, focus on the two that work best for you. Because a constant and engaging presence is key, have your strategy and schedule in hand from the start for your content. Avoid exaggeration, you will lose your audience quickly and possibly forever.


  5. Paid advertising

Once your website, content, SEO, and social media presence are all right up to par, you can consider online advertising to expand your visibility even further. Google Ads is your best ally. Since you can pay to attract visitors to your site with specific keywords, the conversion rates are quite high. Facebook Ads are another possibility. That said, although the app allows for precise targeting, conversion rates are lower due to the more passivity of visitors.


Indisputable results

Nothing is more satisfying than getting results for your clients. It's all the more rewarding to see customers who initially saw their web presence as a hell of a task now jump in there with both feet and joke about their web analytics like connoisseurs would.


The effects of redesigning your web presence on your bottom line can be huge. For example, we helped a business-to-business provider grow internal traffic to their site by 90% in just two years, boosting sales. Having acquired an excellent reputation in Canada, he wanted to expand his sales in the United States. We helped him find the markets to focus on and develop an SEO strategy to attract customers.

Beginning with keyword research - which includes analyzing preferred terms and trends in customer searches - we have painted a picture of the demand and degree of competition for the customer's products.

We then added these keywords to their website content, which ranked the company well in Google search results. The traffic has intensified. However, it's not just the statistics. Once on the site, you want customers to take action, whether it's making contact or placing an order. This is what is meant by "conversion rate optimization". In this case, although traffic increased, the numbers showed a drop at some point on the site. The guilty? A much too long contact form. By cutting it in half, we were able to double the number of potential customers.

Sometimes it only takes a small investment to reap big profits. Take the example of a client running a parallel microenterprise: he wanted to wholesale hygiene products in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. We used Google Ads to run targeted campaigns in each of these markets for about $ 20 per day. These campaigns have attracted potential customers at an average cost of $ 10 per customer. Not bad, considering that each sale was worth around US $ 10,000. The customer even had to temporarily remove their ads because they couldn't keep up with demand. Nice problem to have!

My advice: to attract new customers, go online. Maximize your web presence and remember that small actions can generate huge profits in the multi-billion dollar world of e-commerce

.My advice: to attract new customers, go online. Maximize your web presence and remember that small actions can generate huge profits in the multi-billion dollar world of e-commerce.

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